Linda with CH Solange Spring Fling & CH Solange Maraschino

Welcome to Solange Shelties.  We are located in the lovely university town of Chapel Hill, NC where my husband Rob and I are both faculty members at UNC School of Medicine. I grew up with collies as have many sheltie folks. Following medical school, residency and fellowship (and simultaneously raising two kids), I finally had the time and means to devote to this wonderful hobby. 

Shortly after obtaining my first sheltie, I joined the Triangle Shetland Sheepdog Club and became quite consumed with the breed. I began learning everything I could as I embarked on this venture. I read voraciously, attended obedience and agility classes, matches, specialties and seminars. Soon I knew I wanted to try my hand at conformation and breeding.   

I feel my science and medical background has been an asset in understanding canine genetics and many of the health issues encountered in our breed. We breed only on a small scale due to our demanding work commitments and our desire to be able give attention to each dog. We even bought a beach house in Oak Island, NC so that our vacations can always include our dogs!



Our Home


Our House From the Back Yard


The two photos above are of the side play yard


The shelties keep watch chasing away joggers and bicyclers from the deck of our beach house.


Game of "Tag" anyone?


Please let us in now.  We've had enough!"

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